Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Our tyre shop in Lewes offers a comprehensive range of car, van and taxi tyres from budget ranges to top brand names, all at highly competitive rates. Please call our Lewes tyre shop on 01273 481000 for price and availability. Our prices are inclusive of wheel balancing and fitting unless otherwise stated. There are no hidden extra costs.

Puncture repair service available, usually while you wait.

Laser wheel alignment (tracking) by appointment using the latest 4 wheel laser alignment technology.

We are delighted to announce that we have made a significant investment in technology and equipment for our tyre changing services at Flo Tyres. We are thrilled to introduce our latest additions:

  • Supertracker 130RW Four Wheel Alignment Machine. This upgrade to our alignment services is aimed at optimising the lifespan of your tyres, improving handling performance and ensuring a perfectly aligned driving experience.
  • Hofmann Monty 3300-24 Tyre Changer. This machine empowers us to efficiently change tyres up to 24 inches in size including run-flat, ultra high performance, OEM, and low aspect-ratio tyres. Nylon-covered self-centring jaws ensure your wheels are protected during the tyre change procedure.

These advancements will undoubtedly enhance the level of service we provide to our valued customers.


We offer a full range of car, van and taxi tyres and accessories from our tyre shop in Lewes.


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